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Summer 2023 Color Trends

About Us

A Little About Us

Wendy Noory
Wendy Noory, Founder/CVO

Chromatix Hue was founded in 2021 by Wendy Noory in St Louis, MO.

The name Chromatix Hue is a blended play on two words – Chromatic is the many colors created through the combination of the three principal color elements, known as the three chromatic properties: hue, value, and chroma. Hue is described with the words we normally think of as describing color: red, purple, blue.


Wendy’s Interior Design background, paired with her love of history of architecture and design, future trend thinking and unique concept development, allows her to lead the company’s creative directions. Her past award-winning collections for the laminate, textile and wallcovering product industries inspired the concept development and creation of Chromatix Hue.  A boutique textile line for the Architect and Interior Design trade community at a wholesale level and retail sales thru the studio website.  A brand with a flair for colorful, bold, unique, and classic designs.

Chromatix Hue offers a brilliant mix of woven fabrics suitable for the most inspiring commercial, hospitality, education, corporate or residential projects. Our woven fabrics range in composition from highly innovative manufactured fibers to the most luxurious natural fibers blended with performance fibers without sacrificing the soft hand of the fabric; all with high design in mind.



We are new, and we are boutique. Chromatix Hue  

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October 19th,2023

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October 5th,2023

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May 2-4,2023

in Las Vegas!

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